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Five Reasons to Schedule Your Consultation This Summer!

Summer is nearly over, but there is still time to schedule your initial consultation at Bronsky Orthodontics! We thought it would be fun to create a list of all the reasons why getting started in the summer makes sense. Feel free leave a comment with any other reasons you can think of!

1. Since many people are away during the summertime, our schedule is more flexible so that we can better accommodate their schedule.

2. May be easier on the patient to start orthodontic treatment in the summer, so by Fall, when many patients head back to school, they are adjusted to any new appliances.

3. Getting braces makes a good excuse to have ice cream, which is also a perfect summer time treat!

4. What time is better than the present, many times people postpone seeing the orthodontist because they have upcoming events but the sooner they start with the orthodontist, even to just have a consultation and understand their treatment options, the sooner they will complete treatment.

5. Orthodontics is a very important to creating a healthier bite, teeth, gums and bones for the future. It is always important to see the orthodontist as soon as is recommended by your dentist, to ensure you maintain the highest level of dental and physical health!

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