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The Importance of Oral Care

Daily oral care is a very important routine each day. Patients that are undergoing orthodontic treatment should be even more diligent with their oral care routine not only to make their mouth’s healthier but also to help make treatment move faster. We always suggest that each patient flosses at least once per day and brushes 2 to 3 times per day. For patients with retainers we also suggest that the retainers are cleaned with liquid soap and water every night or every morning to avoid bacterial buildup.

To help aid our patients with their best flossing and brushing techniques, we have added several YouTube videos that show animations of the appropriate oral hygiene techniques. These can be found by visiting our YouTube link on our website.

Our new Backstage Pass program was developed to reward our patients for practicing excellent oral hygiene and compliance throughout treatment. Patients can receive reward points for attending their 6 month oral hygiene appointments and dental exams, properly wearing their prescribed appliances (headgear or elastics as requested), maintaining clean and healthy gums (result from brushing and flossing) and much more!

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy gums and teeth during and after orthodontic treatment to allow for a long-lasting, stable, and healthy mouth and body.

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