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Do’s and Don’ts with Braces


Soft (ex: pudding, mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream)
Do not bite into anything, but you can cut it up (ex: fruits, vegetables, pizza, bagel, sandwiches)
Chocolate (ex: a plain candy bar, cake, cookies)
Corn not on the cob
Meat stripped off the bone

Chewy/sticky (ex: caramel, laffy taffy, starbursts, sour patch kids/worms, tootsie rolls, gummy bears, air heads, twizzlers, steak)
Hard (ex: potato/corn chips, pretzels, lolly pops, nuts, jolly ranchers, ice)

Daily Living:

Play sports (we suggest using a mouth guard – we are happy to provide one if needed)
Play musical instruments
Go through airport security

Bite on pens
Bite your nails
Try to open bottles or any other items with your teeth
Chew on meat bones

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