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How To Take Care of Your Braces

Mouth Wash:
Prior to flossing or brushing, we recommend that you use mouth wash to kill the bacteria in your mouth. After killing the bacteria, you will want to floss then brush to remove the dead bacteria from your mouth.

It is highly recommended that patients with braces floss their teeth prior to brushing. We suggest flossing at least once a day.

When flossing with SuperFloss or the floss threader, place the floss under the wire, make sure the floss goes underneath the gum line and is flossed on both the right and left side of the tooth. Then pull the floss down and out from under the wire. Make sure to floss all teeth, even the molars in the back.

While on the run, if you find that you have food stuck in between your teeth, you can quickly go to the bathroom and use a Proxabrush. This compact instrument will help to relieve any food build-up around the brackets and on the teeth. Place the Proxabrush under the wire and move up and down on each side of the bracket to remove the excess food.

Please expect to spend 10-15 minutes when flossing.

It is highly recommended that patients with braces brush their teeth for 2 minutes in the morning, at night before bed and after each meal.

When brushing your teeth with braces you need to brush above and below the brackets as well as in a circular motion to include the gum. It is recommended to use a dime size amount of tooth paste with a soft tooth brush.

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