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A Word on Dental X-Rays and Their Safety

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

You may have noticed the article in the New York Times a few weeks back entitled “Radiation Worries for Children in Dentists’ Chairs“. The article discusses the use of x-rays and radiation in dental and orthodontic offices. Newer technologies, such as the 3D CT machines, are touted as safer, but as this article suggests, there are emerging concerns regarding their safety.

FIRST AND FOREMOST— We do NOT own or use the 3-D CT x-ray machines in our office! While the Cone Beam (3-D CT) X-Ray units are very helpful in certain situations, we only own and operate the LOWEST DOSAGE/HIGHEST RESOLUTION standard digital orthodontic radiographs that exist today. Our PlanMeca X-Ray machines (manufactured outside of Helsinki, Finland) are so well designed that patients don’t even need a lead X-Ray shield (though we use the shields regardless). Safety, comfort, and exemplary results are our main concerns and we are proud to say that our concern for our patients and their radiographic (X-Ray) safety has already been woven into our treatment systems. NO NEED TO WORRY—we are ON IT and always have been. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns, we are happy to help!


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