“Dr. Bronsky is to orthodontics what Bach is to the Cornelius-styled Three Bs of classical music.  A talented practitioner with a great bedside manner and an excellent grasp of your work, lifestyle and interests.” 
- Srini V.


Designed to maintain dental alignment and stabilize the gums and bones, retention is the final phase of treatment. The duration of full-time retention is generally one year. After that, retainers are worn primarily at night. Want a more personal touch? Design your own retainers!

Here are a few examples of the retainers patients have designed themselves:

Zebra Retainer   Peace Sign Retainer   Blue/Green Rainbow Retainer
New York Yankees Retainer      North Carolina Retainer    T-Money Retainer
Surfer Girl      Tennis Balls     Blue/Yellow Stars
Mets      Stars    Heart

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